Ian Livingstone

Writer, Game Designer

Ian Livingstone co-founded iconic games company Games Workshop with Steve Jackson in 1975, launching Dungeons & Dragons in Europe. In 1982, he co-authored The Warlock of Firetop Mountanin, the first title in the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series which has sold almost 20 million copies worldwide. He has written 16 titles in the series including City of Thieves, Deathtrap Dungeon, The Port of Peril and Assassins of Allansia. Ian Livingstone has also had a long  career in the video games industry. Whilst serving as Executive Chairman of Eidos, he launched Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. 


He was awarded a BAFTA Special Award in 2002 and a CBE in 2013 for his services to the video games industry. A life-long board games player, Ian Livingstone has over 1,000 games in his collection.

Freeway Figter graphic novel (Chameleon Comix, 2019) -original story
Assassins of Allansia (Chameleon Comix, 2020) – writer
The Port of Peril (Chameleon Comix, 2020) – writer

Balla Krisztián

Archaeological Technician, Artist

Krisztián Balla belongs to the generation that was captivated by the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as teenagers. He has been drawing for his own pleasure based on the books, comics, and movies that inspired him from a young age and he ended up studying animation as this passion for graphic art slowly turned into a profession. Some of his drawings made it into Machines and Magic, an art album of breathtaking sci-fi and fantasy paintings edited by Craig Musselman in 2011. His grimly grinning dwarves, furtive treasure hunters, and grotesque goblins look like they escaped from the pages of a Fighting Fantasy book or a Warhammer Fantasy story – this is exactly why Chameleon Comix asked him to illustrate the upcoming City of Thieves graphic novel and the Hungarian edition of the Fighting Fantasy series.


Interior Illustrator: Assassins of Allansia (Chameleon Comix, 2020)
Cover Illustrator: The Port of Peril (Chameleon Comix, 2020)

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István Lakatos

Author, Comic author

István Lakatos is often referred to as the Hungarian Tim Burton: the international success of his books: Emma and Tesla made him earn this epic title across Serbia and Hungary. 

But he is so much more than an Eastern-European epigone with a bittersweet smile! He won the famous IBBY award, and the Hungarian Alfabéta award multiple times, and all kinds of characters can get along in his brilliant imagination: a bearded old-man-looking god, a Polski Fiat car parking next to a stack of bricks, a T-rex who’s smashing up the kitchen in a block building, and even the evil raccoon who wanted to wash the whole world! 

He made the screen-tapping generation of the XXI. century fall in love with reading again, István’s been charming readers with exciting stories since 2007. Stories like Lencsilány, Óraverzum (Clockverse), Miserere Homine and A majdnem halálos halálsugár (The almost deadly deathray).

In 2017 Chameleon Comix published his comic anthology, Mesék az ágy alól (Tales from under the bed), collecting his works of varying lenght from 2009-2016. The book is packed with thrilling stories, for readers who enjoy Andersen’s fairy tales, the sci-fi and dark fantasy genres and the 80’s retro era.

For those who want to deepdive a bit more into István Lakatos’s very own universe: jump into Képtelen történetek, másvilági mesék (Absurd stories, otherworldly tales), you won’t regret it! In the opening short story, István reimagines the tale of The little match girl, starring a cute puppy and a monster with Cthulhu-tentacles!

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Rhianna Pratchett

Author, Videogame writer

Rhianna Pratchett have gained her own fame and praise in the entertainment industry, just like his father, Terry Pratchett, fantasy writer with a unique sense of humour. In the 2000’s she worked as a story designer and scriptwriter on games such as Heavenly Sword, Overlord and Mirror’s Edge. Later, as writer and producer she brought back Lara Croft and made Tomb raider a cult game again; in 2012 with the Tomb Raider-Reboot, then in 2015 with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

She’s the author of many Tomb Raider and Red Sonja comics as well, and her first Fighting Fantasy game book, Crystal of Storms was published in 2020, with flying machines and sea monsters.